Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Art & Crafts

Recently I read a book I picked up from the library and if I'm not mistaking I believe the book is called Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist. Well I remember taking note of a list, "Toxic Materials in Arts and Crafts Materials"

Chemical art material
Major adverse effects

Ammonia found in most acrylic paints
Irritates the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Antimony pigments, patinas, solders, glass, plastics
Anemia, kidney, liver, and reproductive damage

Arsenic lead enamels and glass
Skin, kidney and nerve damage, cancer

Asbestos some talcs and French chalks
Lung scarring and cancer

Barium metals, glazes, glass, pigments
Muscle spasms, heart irregularities

Cadmium pigment, glass and glaze colorant, solders
Kidney, liver and reproductive damage, cancer

Chromium pigment, glass, and glaze colorant, metals
Skin and respiratory irritation, allergies, cancer

Cobalt pigment, glass and glaze colorant, metals
Asthma, skin allergies, heart damage, respitation

Formaldehyde most acrylic paints, plywood
Irritates skin, eyes, and lungs, allergies, cancer

Hexane rubber cement and some spray products
Nerve damage

Lead art paints, enamels, glazers, solders
Never, kidney, reproductive damage, birth defects

Manganese glass and ceramic colorants, pigments, metals
Nervous system damage, reproductive effects

Mercury luster glazes, pigments, photochemicals
Nervous system damage, reproductive effects

Uranium Oxide ceramic, glass, and enamel colorant
Kidney damage, radioactive carcinogen

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